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A Word From Davante Baker

Before I left for Charlotte in 2017, my cousin Zaya had told me to meet this guy named Derick Daly. He knew that Mr. Derick would put me in the right direction so I went over to meet him. In the meeting, I asked Mr. Derick for advice on how to start a business. I had a good meeting with him and he asked me to gather some information before we got started. Unfortunately, my cousin’s mother passed away, which made me move to Charlotte, but later on, my Aunt’s cancer situation made me come back home again. I ran into Mr. Derick and he offered me to do cleaning and landscaping services for the original Baam Center and Jowite St. duplexes. In return, he helped me make KDL Services, LLC a reality, and I also gained some lifelong family members. A special thank you to Mr. Bill Ryan for helping us start KDL Services, LLC by giving us money to buy the truck and equipment.

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