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A Word From Romont Fletcher

My name is Romont Fletcher, a kid from the Eastern Shore of MD. Growing up I’ve always had big dreams of living a comfortable life while being able to take care of myself and my family. After graduating from high school without being accepted into any colleges on a scholarship. I spent a year working low level jobs searching for opportunities to learn a skill or trade that I could turn into a career. I had no luck and realized that if I did not want to work in fast food and factories for a long period of time I had to make a change. I decided to join the military as a potential career path and to broaden my horizons on what could be possible. I had no end goal in mind, but needed change. While in the Army reserve I enrolled in Chesapeake Community College to increase my GPA and transfer to a University in a more urban location to network and search for a greater opportunity. At this point, I thought I wouldn’t not find it on the Eastern Shore of MD. Once eligible, I transferred to Towson University. At Towson university, I studied Accounting to understand financial reports and how to properly manage finances. Also, I made it a priority to network and attend events with business minded people who had similar interests. Which is where I discovered Real Estate and became licensed while simultaneously attending Towson University. I spent time studying real estate and accounting. During the fall semester of my Junior year at Towson University. My unit with the military was called upon for deployment overseas to the Middle East. Which prompted me to not register for classes for the Spring semester to focus on what was ahead of me. Upon returning home I chose to focus on building a Real Estate business full time instead of returning to college to finish my degree. Also, during that time I started a family of my own with my girlfriend. I had my first daughter. Getting into the real estate business I knew that I wanted to do more than just sell houses. My passion comes from understanding that I have the opportunity to help people build generational wealth and reach financial freedom through the ownership and management of real estate assets. It comes from understanding that I have the opportunity to transform communities through knowledge and ownership. In my first year, I was not sure exactly where to start and relied on my mentors within my brokerage at Keller Williams to guide me in my journey. I learned the concept of how to conduct various types of real estate transactions and got really good at doing so. I knew I had the potential to be a great real estate agent in an industry that has no ceiling on potential earnings or growth. However, I had a hard time finding clients to trust a younger real estate agent. Especially on the Eastern Shore of MD. In my second year of being a real estate agent I was connected with Mr. Derick Daly who was looking to purchase a property. There was a difference between him and other clients I've represented. He was more interested in learning about who I was rather than what I could do for him. Having longer conversations about family and my goals, rather than real estate transactions. Making notice of my shortcomings as a professional but allowing the room to grow and fix them. Basing his decision to hire me as a real estate agent on my character rather than my experience. Once he realized that I had the work ethic and drive. He allowed me to represent him on the purchase of his son's first home. Since then I’ve been trusted to assist his family and organizations purchase and lease many other properties. He informed me that his goal was to improve the quality of my life. Therefore, I would have the opportunity to take better care of my family, and pass along knowledge to my children to continue the cycle. He introduced me to his partner Mr. Bill Ryan. Who reassured me of the same message and let me know he was there to support my growth and help with whatever was needed. Over time, I began to learn more about what they had accomplished and various organizations they were a part of. One of many being Polaris Village Ministries. PVM has been a vital source to my personal and business development over the past year. They have made a positive impact on my life by helping expand my network, challenging me to grow through uncomfortable situations, educating me on business through real life examples, teaching financial literacy, and showing how to accumulate wealth. My interpretation of PVM is that they are a great resource for the community to support and foster growth of individuals who want to find and live out their purpose. No matter what stage they are at in their life or career.

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