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A Word From Tyesha Greene

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Hello my name is Tyesha Greene. I was born and raised in Easton Md. Growing up as a kid around here was pretty good but I grew up in a single parent home which was with my grandmother. She did her very best to give me the best and I never went without. My dream then was to play basketball at a pro level. After high school I did go to college in Alabama to play college basketball, but my time was short there and I ended up getting hurt and returned back to Easton. From that time life begin to hit me hard not really working and doing odd jobs here and there. Then at 23 I become pregnant and knew I had to get it together. Then an opportunity came to need tutors for a program called BAAM. I knew nothing about it at the time but the director was Pastor Debbi Short and I knew her already so I reached out and was lucky enough to be hired part time. Immediately I loved it and knew my passion was to work with kids. Then meeting the man who started it all Mr. Derick Daly . It wasn’t all peaches and cream at first lol cause I was still rough around the edges at the time, but thank God l, him and Pastor Debbi Short saw more in me than I did. So I worked with the BAAM program and did a lot of volunteering which I didn’t mind cause I enjoyed what I did. Ten years later still loving my job and doing whatever I could to help became a great turning point in my life. After knowing and being with the team which included Mr. Bill Ryan and Mrs. Dina Daly they offered me a full time position as Assistant Director at the BAAM Athletic Center. Then the blessings started rolling in cause then I was given the opportunity to be a Homeowner. I never really saw that coming as I had become settled with what I had but they saw more. Through my loyalty and dedication I was able to make at better life for my daughter and myself. I am grateful to the ones who saw more and gave more then this little Easton girl could ever imagine. God Bless

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